Our Cattery


Our cosy cattery offers a safe and sunny spot for your precious pussies to relax while their family is away.

Each cat has their own spacious run with plenty of soft bedding and ample room to move about.

Cats have the opportunity to stroll about freely within the communal area during the day if they wish and there are sunny spots to laze the day away.

We aim to create a stress free environment for every cat so those who are not so bold can also feel at home and peaceful. Music plays during the day and there are toys to entertain and cubby holes to hide away in. Something for everyone.

We feed high quality kibble and there is also tinned food plus treats for those who prefer these.

Please feel free to discuss if your cat has any special requirements such as food, medication or mobility issues so we can ensure we can accommodate .

All cats are required to be fully vaccinated and a vet certificate must be provided on or prior to arrival.

See our vaccination requirements.

We welcome inspections by appointment.