Medium – Large Dogs

Medium – Large Dogs

At Allbreeds Pet Retreat we believe dogs should be socialised in an environment that best suits their size and temperament, therefore we provide separate areas for the larger breed dogs

The larger dog areas are set up for plenty of playtime out on grassed areas. The design of the fencing means all dogs have plenty to look at while they are out socialising, whether it be the sheep and ponies in the paddocks, the other dogs, or perhaps customers coming and going.

We like to see all our dogs given the opportunity to run and sniff and throw toys about and do what dogs love to do. Just because you are away it doesn’t mean your pets won’t have a fun time too and maybe make some new friends while they are with us.

All dogs have their own cosy and enclosed sleeping quarters, with access to fresh water and an outer area to stretch their legs whilst still secure.

There is sufficient space to house another family member if you wish your dogs to sleep together.

All bedding and food is supplied.

We feed a high quality kibble twice daily and we are happy for you to provide your own food should your pet be on a special diet. Please ensure all food is in closed containers and clearly labelled.

All dogs must be fully and currently vaccinated including any booster shots. See our vaccination requirements.

We welcome kennel inspections by arrangement.